Digitally Connected +

The Digitally Connected symposium at Harvard University brought together an amazing group of experts and leaders from around the world who are dedicated to analyzing digital and social media growth and trends among children and youth. The symposium and the events that followed have created the potential for a strong global network that can contribute meaningfully to the field of youth and media on an ongoing basis. In an effort to tap this potential, we created “Digitally Connected +” – an effort that arose from the interest of many participants of the Digitally Connected conference to allow the conversation and exchange to thrive.

While Digitally Connected remains a partnership between UNICEF and the Berkman Klein Center centered around in-person meetings and events such as the symposium,“Digitally Connected +” promotes the continuation of the dialogue and the exchange of ideas beyond.“Digitally Connected +” aims to allow participants to learn about each other’s stories, projects, and aspirations by raising awareness and visibility of projects and ideas, fostering more exchange and collaboration, and by growing and diversify the network. Looking ahead, we also hope that “Digitally Connected +” will benefit people who are spearheading new activities and serve as a sounding board and platform for questions and new ideas.

“Digitally Connected +” includes two initial features:

  • Podcast Series. A series of interviews with participants done by the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center in order to keep the network in the loop on the amazing work and interesting stories of creative efforts around the globe. Check out initial interviews here.
  • A support tool, initially managed by Sandra Cortesi, that will help participants jump-start new projects, get concrete support for an existing challenge, and/or help answer a pressing question. Whether it is fundraising, getting feedback, finding collaborators, broadcasting a story or an event, conducting research, or creating other projects, through the support tool “Digitally Connected +” is committed to help you. Access the support tool here (coming soon).

What we hope to accomplish:

“Digitally Connected +” strives to empower and broaden the Digitally Connected network so that participants can be connected with one another and increase the visibility for their projects and ideas. Our strategy is threefold:

  • Raise awareness and visibility: In order to build a strong, interconnected community of stakeholders, we want build a stage for individuals and organizations to share their stories. “Digitally Connected +” attempts to showcase and visualize events, research, and projects via various media, such as articles, photos, podcasts, videos, among others.
  • Foster exchange and collaboration: For “Digitally Connected +” to harness the intellectual and social capital of the youth and media community, we seek to create an environment that nurtures the communication and interaction within the network.“Digitally Connected +” works to build the momentum for ongoing dialogue and constant network activity to become self-sustainable so ideas and collaborations can flourish.
  • Grow and diversify the network: Issues, concerns and opportunities surrounding youth and the digital environment vary from place to place; hence, to ensure that the diversity of perspectives are heard, we aim to expand the “Digitally Connected +” community to include regions around the world that would benefit from our platform and network.