Current Operations

Operation 1: Let’s Go

RErights is recruiting Agents from all over the world for a series of special missions. First, we need to know who’s on the team. Complete these missions to tell us a little about you, what you do and where you are. Then we’ll collect the data, find out who’s joined us, and post the information back so you can see how cool our community of Agents is. Do you accept the challenge? Let’s go! Click here for missions.

Operation 2: Discovery is all about ‘rights’, but what are ‘rights’, anyway? What rights do young people need? Your challenge in this operation is to think about rights, and tell us what rights are important to YOU in the digital age. Mission 3 will also be your first chance to do some fieldwork and report what you find out. Click here for missions.

Operation 3: Online

As active Agents you use technology to connect with us to see new Missions and report your answers.

For many reasons, access to digital technology is different depending on where you are. Those differences make our team of Agents unique and awesome, that’s why we want to better know them.

These missions will gather information on how you use technology and get online. Are you ready? Click here for missions.

Operation 4: 1989

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was approved in 1989.
This Operation looks at what was written then, how things have changed in the last 26 years and what it means for the Convention. Click here for missions.

Operation 5: Paradox

Generally speaking, one might say that there is good and bad everywhere and in everything. Does it apply to digital technology?

We probably navigate those contradictions every day without even thinking about it.
But when it comes to digital technology, which do you think is more important: the good or the bad?

Are the risks a reason to miss out on the opportunities? Are the opportunities worth the risks?
And is it our responsibility to manage one with the other? Click here for missions.

Special Operation 001

Every few weeks, we’ll launch a Special Operation where you have an opportunity to get creative and do something really… special!

Special Ops will only have one Mission, but it may be a mission that takes a little longer to accomplish.

This first Special Op is about designing a poster that features the Convention on the Rights of the Child. So show the world what you can do, get creative, get competitive, get started. Of course, our top Agents will be rewarded for their hard work.