How to Submit

FORMAT: The written piece could be in the form of a personal essay, a short narrative, and/or a poem. These should ideally be in English and should be between 500 and 1000 words. The visual art piece could be a drawing, a painting, collage, infographic, comic, etc. All submissions should be your original work.

SHOWCASING: Submissions will be showcased during the symposium at Harvard (projected on screens or mounted on the wall). Additionally, submissions might be showcased on the symposium’s website or one of Berkman or UNICEF’s social media channels. Youth and Media Youth Advisors will select a subset of submissions to be included in a unique book made accessible for free online. We hope to include everyone, but because of space, we can’t guarantee your submission will be included.

PARENT SIGN-OFF: Your parent/legal guardian must give permission by signing the included permission form. Once your parent/legal guardian gives permission, you may submit the permission form digitally (take a photo or scan) or through direct mail (see below).

YaM_Permission Form_FINAL

HOW TO SUBMIT: In addition to a digital copy of the creative piece, youth may also send in the original (physical submissions will not be returned). The digital and/or original art piece will be added to an installation at the conference. The art piece may be uploaded to the Internet and can be sent to Youth and Media via a link or simply as an attachment to an email.

Please submit all digital contributions to the Youth and Media team at:

Original contributions could also be sent to: Youth and Media, 23 Everett Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

If you are submitting a video, you can upload content to a social media service (YouTube, Vimeo) and e-mail the link, or send any digital media files (DVD) directly through the mail.

If wished, youth can indicate their name and country when sending us the submission. Or if preferred, submissions could be sent in anonymously.