Podcast Series

One of the main goals of Digitally Connected + is to increase the visibility of the work that people contribute to the field of youth and media around the globe, so that there can be increased awareness, dialogue, and collaboration within the network. To this end, our podcast series will feature stories of individuals doing exciting work to understand and better the lives of today’s youth within the context of digital media. We hope not only to keep the network updated on the work of fellow colleagues but also to bring these amazing stories closer to the broader public and increase the public’s awareness about some of the best work done worldwide related to youth and digital technologies.

We believe that audio is a powerful medium that allows for an intimate connection with the voices in the story while giving listeners the freedom to envision the story in their minds – a unique combination that creates an atmosphere of empathy and open-mindedness. The Digitally Connected Podcast Series strives to keep the network strong and cohesive, telling thought-provoking and engaging stories that can keep participants connected with one another. Listen to the first two podcasts with Niousha Roshani and Amanda Third, and watch out for more to come!