Gustavo Annecchini

Gustavo Annecchini began his artistic career in marketing and entertainment with a focus on transforming the national art market in a large pool of opportunities for artists and agents. As an entrepreneur and advertiser, Gustavo brings the experience of 15 years of work to various artists and professionals nationally and internationally including: Fernanda Montenegro, Sonia Braga, Ami James, Milton Chen, Fernanda Torres, Rene Silva, Renata Ceribelli, Rodrigo Pimentel, among many others. As a producer, Gustavo has performed corporate events, cultural plays, lectures, concerts, and food fairs, all with the aim of promoting cultural industry and generating business for artists and professionals. Currently, Gustavo Annecchini is CEO of Projetteria Entertainment, a modern concept agency that manages the careers of 30 personalities and produces content for specific artistic projects for Communication Advertising and Marketing Live.

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