Luca Simeone

Luca Simeone is a Fellow at metaLAB at Harvard and a PhD candidate at Malmö University in Sweden. His research interests include design management, organizational strategies for collaboration, strategic design targeted to innovation. His trajectory crosses design management, interaction design and design anthropology. He has conducted research activities in leading international centers (Harvard, MIT, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology), (co)authoring and (co)editing some 50 publications. His latest book (Visualizing the Data City, Springer, 2014) explores the potential of data visualizations for more inclusive urban design, planning, management processes.
He is the founder and managing partner of Vianet, an interaction design agency focused on delivering advanced technology and design solutions based on ethnographic research methods. Vianet has worked on more than 500 high-impact and award-winning projects, from interactive museums to experimental publishing platforms. Luca also works as a consultant for public and private organizations (the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) in order to help define strategies, policies and funding schemes to support strategic design approaches targeted to innovation. Over time, Luca’s work has acquired a socio-political perspective aimed at using design as a tool to foster participation and dialogic processes.

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