Petna Ndaliko Katondolo

Petna Ndaliko Katondolo is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and activist and the founder of Yole!Africa (, and Alkebu Film Productions ( Yole!Africa, founded in 2000, is a cultural center that trains youth in digital arts, music, dance, and journalism with the objective of empowering young people to see themselves as agents capable of thinking critically and acting non-violently to shape their own realities. Yole!Africa currently serves 15,000 youth annually. As a filmmaker, Petna’s cinematic style combines rhythm, image, and social critique with digital innovation to challenge traditional narrative structures. His films skirt the boundary of fiction and reality and provoke reflection on post-colonial African realities. As an activist, Petna has been the featured speaker for the UN Habitat series on the implication of urban youth and art in increasing security in the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa; the UN Habitat World Urban Forum on youth crime prevention; the EU Colloquium on Culture and Creativity in Development. He has also been featured on national and international news media including Al Jazeera, CBS Uganda, BBC, Radio Okapi, Digital Congo Television, and the Royal Flemish Theatre.

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